Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 9

Did rumors surrounding Gatsby only get worse following his death? Are people suddenly more interested in knowing about the man behind the parties?

Does the lack of people at his funeral say something about Gatsby's personality? The only reason he threw those parties was for Daisy, that's all he thought about, so naturally no one is going to care very much about his death because all he ever cared about was one person.

Gatsby had such great potential to be such a great man. He made his money, he followed his dreams, but did he follow them too much? Did his obsession with Daisy cause his death? I think he did a great man in terms of material wealth, but he wasn't so great in terms of where his head was at, he was blinded by love.

I can't tell who is worse, Tom or Daisy? Tom is a terrible man but Daisy deserves what she goes through because she stays by his side through it all.

I believe Daisy was never going to be enough for Gatsby. He was too driven, he needed everything in the world. Just the thought that Daisy ever loved someone that wasn't Gatsby himself makes her not enough for him. Neither of them would ever be enough for one another and instead Jay is dead and Tom is with the woman he doesn't even love enough to stay faithful to.

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 8

Does Gatsby wait up all night after the "accident" because he is being weird and likes to watch her or is it genuine concern for her safety with Tom, unrelated to their relationship.

I'm really not sure what Gatsby should do. I feel like leaving Daisy behind is a good idea because she is too dumb honestly.

Is Nick losing interest in Jordan? Is he just tired from being up late with Gatsby and dealing with the death of Myrtle? I feel like if he is distracted at work the idea of leaving with Jordan would be a good break from the crazy.

Did Wilson do it because of his religion and the eyes of God? Or cause he was angry? Or cause he was driven to insanity??

What is next for Daisy? Will she just move on? Will she care about Gatsby's death or will she be too scared to care because of Tom? Fitzgerald says "he found what a grotesque thing a rose is" (161). Gatsby's rose is Daisy and he must be realizing in this moment how she may not be all that she seems?

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 7

I wonder if the people of the city are disappointed when Gatsby stops partying. No one really even knows him so they can't have a clue as to why. Maybe things like these are why so many rumors spread about him.

So odd how Gatsby and Daisy really don't seem to hide their emotions for one another, holding long eye contact and such.

“'You take Nick and Jordan. We’ll follow you in the coupe.' She walked close to Gatsby, touching his coat with her hand." This scene is making it so clear that Daisy doesn't car about Tom knowing, it doesn't get more obvious than that. The scene following proves that Tom caught right on

As Gatsby and Tom quarrel over Daisy, she disappointingly leans more toward just sticking with Tom. She claims to have loved them both, but it does seem clear she doesn't really like Tom very much, he even admits to having cheated on her.

The incident with Myrtle is a major mystery. Did Daisy know Myrtle? Did she hit her on purpose? Did Myrtle kill herself? Did she know who was driving/who did she think was driving? All questions left on answered that will hopefully be answered.

After Nick checks on Daisy for Gatsby, it appears that Gatsby's chances are dwindling. Lots of questions unanswered.........

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 6

Finally some information about who in the world Gatsby is!

Humble beginnings for sure, I would have thought Gatsby got his money from his parents or something, something scandalous.

Why is Cody so quick to take Gatsby under his wing? Why was Gatsby so ready to leave his old life for so long? Does this explain his weird personality? Always ready for something crazy.

Is changing his name his way of saying he is leaving his old life behind? He probably doesn't regret leaving everything and starting new, so he figures he should change his name too.

I think the fact that Gatsby was cheated out of his 25,000 dollars really pushed him to become a rich man, he knew what he wanted after that, he had to get that money back.

Tension definitely builds as Tom is speaking with Gatsby, Tom already doesn't like him and probably suspects something is happening between him and Daisy.

Gatsby may be over confident about Daisy. I agree with Nicks reflections that Daisy probably won't ever be good enough for him.

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 5

Gatsby seems so wired and on edgy all the time, his conversations with Nick always seem so forced and awkward. He says "Let's go to Coney Island, old sport. In my car", which is such a weird request at this hour and in general. Gatsby is trying so hard to be nice and get to know Nick.

The way Gatsby asks "what grass?" when Nick mentions that it looks well shows that Gatsby is very nervous, and as Nick says, probably didn't sleep much.

Good to see that Gatsby and Daisy actually hit it off after such a long period of time. Makes me wonder how Daisy even feels for Tom?

I wouldn't have suspected the meeting to go that well, Daisy seems happy, I would've expected Gatsby to need to try harder than that.

When Daisy gets emotional is there more than just tears of happiness? I feel like she's overwhelmed with decision.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 4

Whats the purpose of the in-depth list of everyone at the parties? Is Nick just being journalistic and reporting all of this to us or is he trying to increase our knowledge of the atmosphere of these parties/the people of the area?

Gatsby's many exotic stories are so hard to believe but for some reason I totally believe him. He seems like the right type of personality to have actually been through all of these things.

Interesting how Gatsby has apparent immunity against traffic offenses, what kind of favor did he have to do to get that white card?

I wouldn't be surprised it Gatsby was involved in some sort of crime, he's definitely the type.

On page 71, when Wolfsheim says "I beg your pardon, I had the wrong man", it makes me think he and Gatsby have other people they would share such an odd story with, especially when Gatsby says they'll talk about that later.

Interesting to hear about Gatsby and Daisy being in love, why would she ever want Tom?

Is Gatsby's plan to force Daisy to see him going to be too much?

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 2

My first impression of the valley of ashes is that it's some sort of dream world or metaphor. The way it's describes seems so desolate and unreal, the big mysterious eyes gazing over the area. Eventually it becomes more clear but initially it was odd.

How does Tom know George Wilson? Is it only through him having an affair with his wife?

Nick definitely doesn't fit in here, you can tell he's uncomfortable with Tom and doesn't like his behavior. When they get to the party he doesn't like anyone there and doesn't seem to belong.

Nick seems to be learning a lot. He hates being around this group of people but he is in a mystery world and he is trying to figure it out, as is the reader. He is intrigued by those around him, no matter how repulsed.

Tom is clearly aware of how terrible he is to Daisy, as shown by his frustration with Myrtle talking about her. Myrtle is probably aware that Tom is terrible because of the way she teases Tom so much about it, making him very angry and causing him to punch her in the face, breaking her nose. This shows that Tom is insecure about his decisions to have an affair and has masculinity and anger issues.

Nick leaving without Tom might be symbolism, after Toms behavior, Nick seems to not be best buds with him.